At sea

Photo by Donald Smith

One chance to see

The exhibition is on for one week more, so make sure you go and see it.
Thank you.
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The sea is never the same thing twice

The final edition of micro seconds all blacked and polished ready for show in November. I'll update with details soon.


A little reminder

If you haven't been to see the show yet, time is running out and I'm not sure when the work will be on show next. So get yourself down there and if you want a tour from the artist, let me know.


Way Back

This drawing was discovered under a pile of stuff in John's office, it's the original drawing done by me, with a list of jobs involved in the process written on the bottom by John. At this point I really had no clue what would be involved in the whole process.

I sometimes like to be known as Stephen.

Chelsea Today

Flipping Heck

I'm gonna trade in my narrowboat for one of these.

The final mold

Looking a lot like a Cylon reincarnation ship, the final eight micro seconds came out the investment mold looking pretty tidy. I've cut them of the runners and risers and belt ground the hell out of them, the next stage is a little less violent and just involves a little heat.

Load Testing

Satoshi, Clara, Johanna, Kaspar, Jake, Toby and me putting Pike Pier through some load bearing tests.


Another eight

The freaky looking runners and risers for the final eight micro seconds.