time change

A change to original posting..

Lecture now at 6pm... adjust your diary now.


From within

A Second on the Severn Sea 1 from robin jenkins on Vimeo.

In this clip, you can see the view from one of the cameras inside the rig. In the first half of the film you can see the interior of the glass tank slowly misting up. This was caused by the tiniest drop of water and the warm summer sun. Later, the evening shots show a much crisper and defined view. So watch to the end.

In your diary now.


E28 Love

Juan Cruz and my E28 staring lovingly into each others headlights.

my E28

A glimpse of what's to come with my new project. Together with artist Juan Cruz, we will be working on a show titled; My E28. The E28 is the body shape of the 80's, 5 series, BMW that both Juan and I drive. The boat was towed by my E28 from New Brighton in Birkenhead to outside my studio in Stockwell, London where it is sitting now, ready for action.

Engine Running Neutral

After very few post recently and even less new work, I am about to start the next stage of my Severn Sea project. In the meanwhile, check out some random images coming your way of my new boat.
Here's it's engine..




Sail on by this evening for the last night of A Second On The Severn Sea



The show will be up for another three days and on Wednesday evening, I will be at the gallery having a few drinks to celebrate the show... it would be great to see you there, so come along.

Opening Night

The first to dare submersion.

Me and the Genius John Nicholl discussing the depths we'll go to for art.

Pete Maloney and Mike Flowers stare at the deep corners of The Sever Sea.

I have only just recovered from the extremity of opening night enough to post. More to come.


Totally Submerged

With only a week to go, I am much like my diving friend here... in deep.


Happy outtakes.

During the process of making this current project I have got loads of of luxury offcuts. Lush


Royal Dude

Not boasting or anything, but you know, rewards from royalty......

Puppet Strings

Single minded madness.


Poster Love

Thomas James rocks it hardcore with his killer graphic skills.. Ignore the date bit, that's just for working out graphic stuff.. The show opens on the 5th of September and finishes on the 13th. Rock on.


Moody Sea and Sky

After a week that threw up one difficulty after another, moments of true fear and despair followed by some fantastic and incredible things, dolphins and seals, the super cool students at Atlantic College and the help of Mich Crebe and the unbelievable expertise of Saul Mendelssohn the filming has been completed with great results. Now that I have the material it's time to compose the final outcome.

Here's what it looked like at St. Donats.


A brief departure.

Art work by the revered artists; D. Smith and Prof. S Farthing.


Something like this

Sort of what I'm going for.

More Tests

St.Donats Bay

More Testing

Back in the shop

My spiritual home, the workshop, twisting my mind with some not so simple engineering.

Self Potrait

Up from the depths... Severn Boy

First Tests

Here's a still from the first test film (without fish tank rig) taken at St. Donats on the weekend of my mega AC reunion. What you can't see are the 400 billion jelly fish,... I got a couple in my shorts and one in my beard.. Rubbery scoundrels.



Rocket Science

Today was spent building this hardcore GoPro camera rig for the filming at Nash, test start on Thursday in the canal.


Spot The Difference

Caitlin Smyth of Chelsea Space has chosen to mock me by taking the graphic from my recent show teaser and adding it to looky likey image of other bearded greats. The beard is my current affectation and is all part of my work as an artist. No one likes it and it's attracting some strange wild life, but it stopped me from smoking and it proves I'm all man. So there...