They're breeding.. the elements of my next piece due for show at the blip, blip, blip gallery in Leeds, April 25th. More info to follow.


Competition extention

I've received a few comments about the competition being too hard...

So to make it a little easier for you all, (because you can't all be as smart as my Mate Gambo)..  im going to extend the deadline..  you all got a week more until the next question.

There may also be more then one ship name in the blog, so any will do.

The casting has hit some technical, workshop malfunctions so the whole deal is gonna take a little longer.

Remember, the finished shark is going to be worth a sweet £400, and it will only ever go up in price.. so get your thinking hats on..



11,000 hits competition.

Today Severn Boy got it's 11,000th hit...
I'm gonna celebrate by setting a little competition.

On Facebook I have posted a picture of a 3inch model shark that I moulded from wax. He's about to be cast in to pewter. I'm making a limited, signed and numbered run of these little critters and I'm gonna flog em to some rich folk... But if you want one, you might just get lucky...

I'm only giving away one, and this is what you have to do to win him..

Over the next month during the process of casting these sharks I will ask 4 questions relating to my work. If you've being paying attention to my blog you'll know the answers. Whoever gets all 4 will win. If more then one gets them right, I'll set a tie breaker and the first to respond will be the winner.
I will post these questions at critical stages of the completing process.

Send your answers to robinebjenkins@gmail.com

Good luck and happy 11,000

Question 1: I mentioned the name of a ship in one of my posts. What was it?

I will post the answer on Sunday and if you got it right your still in.

Some crap photo's from the show

Better stuff coming soon........................


Freakin Sharks

Leave a spot of water around and they're like mosquitoes.

Film as Measure Poster

Film as Measure

Here's some images of the current show; Film as Measure, at Chelsea.


Shark Infestation

This is evidence of a very dangerous shark infestation that has taken place in my studio in the last few days.. I've got no fingers left.
All part of the next Severn Boy piece of work..