What wonders will Poseidon see on his adventures?

 Here are a few images that I found in my research about the depths. I like to think about this world when I fall asleep and then I like to imagine them again when I go for a swim in the sea.

Let me know of your scary underwater stories and they might show up in my next work, Poseidon's Adventures..


That Sinking Feeling

An amazing freeze frame from the amazing Vikings (MGM).
This evocative image marks the begining of my next major work; Poseidon's Adventure.
This might be my biggest project to date and will be ready for exhibition in 2014. Currently I'm looking for funding and a massive space to present this work. There will be a few collaborations and many tentacles with the work and is intended to exist as a performative installations. Keep your ear to the ground for developments..


It nature bruv.

The unexposed aspects of nature caught on CCTV.....

Latest Work

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