Coming Soon

This September the 5th, Testbed 1, Battersea. The final installment of A Second on The Severn Sea

Another Cloud


Clouds over St. Donats

This is one of a series of cloud studies done with my iPad. I shall post more soon.


Airfix Sucks

I bought this Airfix Model of a Severn Class RNLI lifeboat for my nephew about 5 years ago, thinking we would could build it together over the Christmas holiday, fortunately it turns out he has no interest in such activity, as I also never did (why I thought this would be a good idea, i don't know). However, I bought it because I like lifeboats and this is a Severn class. We have declared an area of our studio as a project area for making activities and such, we even bought a table for it. I decided to use it. It is a good thing that I did not make this with my then 7 year old nephew as it's a really tricky bugger and I have won an award the most amount of swear words said in a two hour time period. I wish I had never set eyes on this pointless, bastard thing as now it's only half complete and I know I have another 2 hours of hell ahead.


Going Digital

Because I've saved quite a bit of cash by quitting smoking (4 months) I treated myself to an iPad. It is the best thing in the world and it really makes me feel like I'm in the future. I purchased the app that David Hockney uses and have started creating some images of the Severn. This is St. Donats Bay. All done with my finger in the touch screen. It's a flippin excellent thing.


East Nash Bouy

This is a film I made a year or so ago with a simple flip like camera. I have uploaded it again as I am looking to isolate the sound from this clip, I just want the bell.