East Nash Buoy

East Nash Buoy.
This image of a cardinal buoy is taken roughly a mile off shore from Nash Point. It marks 'Dangerous Water'. This east marked cardinal buoy warns mariners of a sand bank called Nash Sands. This sand bank is around 50m wide and 9 miles long and has claimed many ships and boats, most famously; Frolic in 1831, a passanger steamer enroute from Haverfordwest to Bristol, 55 souls were lost without any survivors.
East Nash Buoy is rigged with a lamp which flashes in code to indicate it's identity at night and a bell that operates with the movement of the buoy itself. This bell can be heard from far and wide, depending on the direction of the wind, it can some times be heard up to 3 miles inland and about 20 miles off shore. See film below to hear it.
Images of this buoy will be included in the show: A Second on the Severn Sea.

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