A Micro Second

This crazy ring is the result of a technique called Guerilla Casting. During my time in the foundry, my mate Marco and I inveted this process of casting as a way of dealing the left over 'Grog'.. grog is the plaster mix you use to make bronze casting molds and gets produced, literally, by the bucket load. Usual rule of thumb is to produce a little more then you need. Nightmares happen when you don't have enough. So what Marco and I (under the watchful eye of the Master; John) decided, in a fast running out moment of time, that we would use other peoples left over grog plaster to make molds of our own.. the only problem was: what do we cast? so in a matter of seconds, the foundry was scoured for castable object.. we've made some real beuties, this ring was a wax piece that I had knocking about in a box, a left over from some much bigger sculpting.. And bingo baby.. I got me some major bling..
Everyone wants one now, so I'm going to be doing a run..

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