Airfix Sucks

I bought this Airfix Model of a Severn Class RNLI lifeboat for my nephew about 5 years ago, thinking we would could build it together over the Christmas holiday, fortunately it turns out he has no interest in such activity, as I also never did (why I thought this would be a good idea, i don't know). However, I bought it because I like lifeboats and this is a Severn class. We have declared an area of our studio as a project area for making activities and such, we even bought a table for it. I decided to use it. It is a good thing that I did not make this with my then 7 year old nephew as it's a really tricky bugger and I have won an award the most amount of swear words said in a two hour time period. I wish I had never set eyes on this pointless, bastard thing as now it's only half complete and I know I have another 2 hours of hell ahead.

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