Competition extention

I've received a few comments about the competition being too hard...

So to make it a little easier for you all, (because you can't all be as smart as my Mate Gambo)..  im going to extend the deadline..  you all got a week more until the next question.

There may also be more then one ship name in the blog, so any will do.

The casting has hit some technical, workshop malfunctions so the whole deal is gonna take a little longer.

Remember, the finished shark is going to be worth a sweet £400, and it will only ever go up in price.. so get your thinking hats on..



  1. The CAMBO, an exporting ship that sunk in South Wales in 1912.

  2. I guess it’s been a bit naughty of me to do so… but then, isn’t this just what the blog is intended to do … allowing comments from visitors and act as a platform for an open discussion? What better way to celebrate its popularity? Also I like to see; who I am competing against.